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Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples


Los Angeles based therapist Karly Gilbert
Karly Gilbert, LCSW

Feel more genuine, fluid, and alive.

Using a humanistic and process-oriented approach, I help individuals and couples feel more grounded and fulfilled in their relationships and lives.

Being invited to work with my clients on an intimate and vulnerable level is an honor I understand personally. Having had my own experience in therapy, I know the difference between a therapist-client connection which feels “fine” versus one that is truly supportive and honest. When we can, I believe adding humor and levity never hurts!

As a therapist and supervisor to therapists, I strive to create environments that feel engaging, lively and mutually enriching. Bilingual in Spanish, I also offer Spanish-speaking therapy services.

Offering individual and couples therapy and individual or group consultation

"Change occurs when one becomes what they are, not when they try to become what they are not."
Arnold Beisser, M.D.