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Meet Karly Gilbert, LCSW

Our relationship is at the core of our work together. This is not a top-down dynamic. While I will be active and engaged in our work, my guidance is based on YOUR truth. I am interested in helping find where you feel clear and grounded as well as overwhelmed, stuck or confused. I feel good therapy relies on elevating your own self-awareness so that you take responsibility in your personal growth.

Relationship issues, as well as common symptoms like depression and anxiety, often stem from habitual patterns that may have historical importance, but are no longer useful to us. As new issues arise in our lives, these habitual patterns and our own vulnerabilities may impact our ability to feel competent and fulfilled. Helping you explore these patterns and their impact on behavior is a critical component to my work. As a therapist, as well as in individual and group supervisory roles (to therapists), my goal is to help you feel more grounded and successful in your relationships and lives.

Intensive ongoing clinical training and my own personal development supports my work with you. In my private practice with individuals and couples, as well as in individual and group supervisory roles, I am passionate about creating collaborative environments where people can feel safe, genuine, fluid and alive.

While Gestalt therapy forms the base for all of my work with individuals, families and couples, I have additionally pursued more intensive ongoing training and supervision in: EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), The Trauma Resiliency Model, and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

I welcome individuals and couples of diverse socio-cultural, racial, gender, religious and sexual orientations. Although I am not bi-cultural, I am a fluent Spanish-speaker and do offer therapy services in Spanish.

Los Angeles based therapist Karly Gilbert
Karly Gilbert, LCSW